Life goes on, days get brighter. DELTA ZETA. Epsilon omicron chapter at Western Illinois University.



Disney villains and their respective voice actors (click on the pictures to know their names)

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how dare u ignore me after ive made 0 attempts at talking to u

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Here’s the fun little collage of pictures I made that describes what my tattoo is. My grandfather passed in march and he was in the air force and a pilot for 33 years. This is the plane he flew in the air force, the F 86. Now he will always fly with me! It’s been about 3 weeks since I got it now.
Throw back to when I got my tattoooooo. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

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cute date idea: let me sleep in your bed for hours on end because I’m tired of being a person

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❝ Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly.


*gets homework out of bag* i think that’s enough homework for one day

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